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How to start a low carb deit

A low carb diet or keto diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight without depriving yourself of your favorite foods. It is low in carbohydrate and at the same time rich in protein, fats, and vegetables.

And the concept is also simple. When our body does not get enough carbs to use as fuel to run our body, it switches towards fats, protein, and vegetables to do the process respectively. Besides, it is known to all that fat is the main source of fuel to run our body. So, the consumption of natural fats is not harmful to your body.

So, low carb recipes can help you out to achieve your desired body shape. You can gain your weight or lose if you are in a low carb or keto diet plans. All you need to do is to increase or decrease the number of carbs as you need and keep others as protein and fats fixed.

However, if you are a starter to start low carb and wondering how to start it, sit on your armchair relaxed because in this article we will tell you the exact ways on how to start a low carb right away.

Effective steps to start a low carb diet

There are a lot of ways to start a low carb diet plan. But here, we have just enlisted a few effective ways which will help you to gain the same thing you want. These steps are as follows:

Put a limit on carbohydrate

The amount of carbohydrate for a low carb diet plan should be 50g net for each day. There are few variations as well depending on the individuals who want to take the plan. And the limitation of taking carbohydrate can reach up to 100g per day for few individuals.

At the beginning stage of the plan, try to keep it depending on your actual need. But you should limit down after a few days, and thus you can see the result you are longing for.

Consume fat according to your satisfaction level

Keeping carbohydrate and protein fixed on the scale, all you need to do is to increase and decrease the amount of fat to gain or to lose weight. Many of us have a misconception about fat consuming. We think, and it is also our traditional thought that taking fat a little bit more than our need is very fearful. It is not as perfect as we think. Instead, fat is the main source of energy as well.

So, those who want to gain some weight can go to increase the level of fat. On the contrary, those who want to lose weight can take the opposite method of it.

Forget taking frequent snacks

Most often we take snacks whether we need or not (literally) with our friends and familiar ones. But if you are on a low carb diet plan, you should not continue the method of taking snacks often. Instead, welcome snacks only when it is needed for you. So, when you are really hungry, have snacks. Consuming cabs at a low level will help you gain your achievement.

Now let’s talk about the foods you should welcome and avoid respectively at the time of continuing the low carb diet plan.

Foods you should welcome

For the better result of a low carb diet plan, you have to eat the following foods.

For fewer carbs, you can consume meat (any type), eggs, fish and seafood, natural fat, nuts, dairy products, vegetables, berries and the like.

For a drink, you can go to adopt coffee, water (of course), tea and so forth.

For the recipe of a low carb diet, you can go for low carb bread, healthy taco salad, bacon and eggs, ground beef with sliced bell peppers and so on.

Foods to avoid when you are on a low carb diet plan

By ignoring some foods from your menu, you can continue your low carb diet plan consistently to gain your desired result. Foods you should avoid are french fries and potato chips, sugary drinks, candy bars, white bread, pastries, cookies and cakes, juice and many more.

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