A Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake So Good It Will Stop The ’24′ Clock & Why I Adore @BeamlyUS #Beamly


My friends know two things – when I’m watching “24″ or “The Kitchen”, the phone is silent. I do not answer calls, texts etc. However – one thing I must confess – I’m following along with the live action online on my iPad or my phone with my fave app, Beamly.

We’ve talked about Beamly before – when I did this Scandalously Inspired Cocktail – and if you haven’t joined – you might want to ASAP – especially before the fall shows come back. Where else can you chat about Suits (if I ever need a lawyer to have my back, I need Harvey on speed-dial), Real Housewives of NJ (soon to return with even more of the crazy), Masterchef (where a local gal is in Chef Ramsey’s kitchen and I hope she wins) and Orange is the New Black (who doesn’t love that show!).

One thing I love about the peeps on Beamly is the fabulous conversations you have – I mean – ever watch a show and miss something? I do that all the time – there are times I would watch Revenge and thanks to the excellent convos in the Revenge TV Room, I was able to catch the hidden drama while I was too obsessed with figuring out what shoes Victoria was wearing. I’ve met some amazing people on there, including some of Cooking in Stilettos’ readers and I’d love to see you there too!

So – when thinking about what I could share with you, I thought I’d share a recipe that I saw on this past weekend’s episode of “The Kitchen” on Food Network. Marcela made this to.die.for Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake and it looked divine – (as you can see from Sunny’s face on Marcela’s Instagram). It was one of those “I see it – I must make it” recipes and, curled up on my couch with the JuniorSousPug, I totally fell hard for this cake while watching ’24′ – so much so I focused ON the cake and not on the show – and I got lost. Thankfully the Beamly peeps in the 24 TV Room got me up to speed.

So – morale is the story is if you get lost and miss something on your fave show, Beamly has you covered! Now – I just need to see if there are any leftovers so I can curl up and watch SUITS with another slice of this chocolate stout bundt cake.


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Tried and True: Mexican Chocolate Loaf Cake


Mexican Chocolate Loaf Cake | Cooking In Stilettos

When I was in Barnes & Noble not too long ago, there was a book on a shelf that caught my eye – Exotic Table: Flavors, inspiration, and recipes from around the world–to your kitchen.  I had heard good things about the book but wasn’t sure if I was ready to buy it just yet – I had some other ones I was looking at and playing with in the kitchen.  Then, as I wandered around, I thought “I can just LOOK at the book and see what the recipes are, right?“  Flipping through the pages of Exotic Table, I made note of some recipes I wanted to try and then it opened to this glorious Mexican Chocolate Loaf Cake.  Now – you know I adore Mexican chocolate – from my favorite Mexican Hot Chocolate to my tried and true Mexican Chocolate Cookies and Mexican Chocolate Pudding and don’t forget that Spiked Mexican Chocolate Mousse I made for a chocolate themed gal’s night menu.  So – when I saw that cake, I knew that I was a goner – that cookbook was in my hot little hand, I marched my stilettos to the register and to my kitchen it went.  … 

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Recipe Redo: Cinnamon Donut Muffins

Cinnamon Donut Muffins | Cooking In Stilettos

Ahhhhhh – April 15th – the day many dread – Tax Day.  Today’s tax day has a not only a forecast of dreary and raining cats and dogs to add to the “blah” factor, but also there’s whisperings of it being cold enough for some snow to come our way.  Needless to say, this gal is none to pleased and I can guarantee the Junior Sous Pug will be quite the perturbed pup.

However, one positive highlight of the day are these Cinnamon Donut Muffins.  I made these eons ago when I first started to learn on my culinary journey and they have been a household favorite.  Baked, not fried and a little cinnamon sugar dusted dose of comfort – perfect for days like these.  I decided to give them a bit of a redo as I like the spicy cinnamon bite throughout.

So – instead of worrying about The Taxman Cometh – make some of these, curl up on the couch and watch Gibbs and the NCIS crew while sipping on some coffee.  That, I promise, will bring a smile or two…. 

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Celebrating Spring With Lemon Meringue Muffins and Pure Leaf Iced Tea

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Lemon Meringue Muffins | Cooking In Stilettos

Spring has sprung and with thoughts of spring, come thoughts of fresh fruits and veggies, sweet treats, grilling in stilettos and refreshing cocktails and sips (and, yes, thoughts of peep toe stilettos and wedge sandals also cross this gal’s mind too).

Growing up, one of those quintessential sweet treats for spring was lemon meringue pie.  My mom had a huge love of all things lemon meringue and I knew that once the snow was gone and the winter gear was put away, that the lemon meringue would make its reappearance at the family table.  Now – when it comes to making a lemon meringue pie – well – you know my stance on pies.  Scares me straight out of my stilettos sometimes.  The meringue, the homemade lemon curd, the crust – well – maybe not the crust but you get my drift.

Well – one thing I’m NOT afraid of is a muffin recipe and these Lemon Meringue Muffins just scream spring don’t you think?  Inspired by a recipe from Taste of Home, I decided to get a bit nostalgic and finally conquered the meringue fear.  Granted I didn’t grab the blowtorch and brulee it but the oven did a fabulous job getting the meringue toasty brown and marshmallowy.  The added bonus of the lemon curd in the mixture brought back memories of my mom’s lemon meringue pie and pitchers of iced tea on our back deck when I was in middle school.  Good times…. 

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Springing Forward with Strawberries and Cream Bread and a Giveaway #ExtraSweetCreamyCGC

Strawberries and Cream Bread | Cooking In Stilettos

It’s Daylight Savings Time and we’re springing forward.  Instead of dwelling on losing that hour’s sleep, I decided to play with some springtime ingredients and bring a bit of brighness to the brunch table.

Growing up, my Aunt Maddie and my Great Grandmother loved going to dinner at a local spot in Western Mass – the Log Cabin.  One of my favorite desserts was their berries ‘n cream – something so sweet but so simple.  For weekend brunch, I love whipping up a quick bread and I decided instead of my staple pumpkin/harvest bread, I decided to channel a childhood favorite and go with that flavor memory and made a Strawberries and Cream Bread…. 

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It’s All About The Pie – Sweet To Savory – Foodie Has You Covered

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It's All About The Pie - Sweet And Savory Pies For Every Craving | Cooking In Stilettos Who doesn’t love pie, right?  Sweet and savory – there is a pie for every craving.  One of my absolute fave pies is a easy Chipotle Tamale Pie but I have been known to crave a bit of apple pie with a touch of sharp cheddar in the crust from time to time.  Plus – who doesn’t love a comforting Chicken Pot Pie, right?

Over at Foodie, this month we’re looking at all things pie and I have a collection from sweet to savory that will have you ready for Pi Day!  Check out some of my faves that I found that will have your kitchen smelling amazing and your family and friends asking for seconds!

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Spiced Apple Breakfast Muffins Made Healthy With Grape-Nuts #PMedia #PostWalgreens #Ad

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Spiced Apple Breakfast Muffins | Cooking In Stilettos

Rumor has it that spring is just around the corner.  With that in mind, as well as some goals for 2014, I am making healthier choices. One of the first things I am trying to work on is not to skip breakfast in the morning.  However, how many mornings are started by the “grab and go” philosophy, right?

Muffins are always a good idea but fat and calories in the resto. versions can scare a gal right out of her stilettos.  Plus – restaurant muffins and I tend to not get along.  Here’s why.  One of my first jobs years ago was working at a restaurant and I remember the launch of their “apple breakfast muffin”.  This muffin was supposed to be low fat and the perfect breakfast on the go. However, in my humble opinion, it was like many low fat treats back then – I think my friend Kel once described it as cardboard-esque.  Since then, every time I saw an apple muffin, I remembered the taste and texture of that muffin from the past and avoided them like the plague…. 

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